Painter and art-maker

Ann Tygett Jones

Painter and Art Maker

Ann is a contemporary painter residing in St. Louis, Missouri.  Her focus is primarily but not exclusive to abstract images. 

Her artistic process began as a child through summer focused art classes and blossomed into a true passion in high school.   She attended both Southeast Missouri State University and Southern Illinois University in Carbondale focusing on an art degree.  Following college she spent 3 months is Auckland, New Zealand painting and experiencing the life of a kiwi (native New Zealand-er).  She then followed her heart to Walnut Creek California.  After a short year in beautiful Northern California, she found herself in St. Louis where she still resides today.  Life fuels her inspiration and takes the form of textures and vibrant color combinations in her abstract work.  

Ann has exhibited her art work in group exhibitions including the National Abstract exhibit 2016 Mark Arts | Wichita Center for the Arts as well as local shows in the regional St. Louis Area. 

2016 -2017 

-(coming soon) May-October 2017 "Art at Des Peres Hopital" 

-Mark Arts in Wichita KS National Abstract Exhibit

-Art St. Louis "Mixed Tape" exhibit

-Art St. Louis "Serendipity"

-Vodka Bacon Studio's "Poptroplis" group show

-Soulard Art Gallery “Driven to Abstraction”

-SLART  "All Women" exhibit

-SLART "33 February"

-SLART “33 January"

-Soulard Art Gallery "Driven to Abstraction" group show

Coming soon...   13 pieces to be shown May-October 2016 

in the "Art at Des Peres Hospital" group exhibit

Her artwork also resides in private collections.  She aspires to continue to show her work to the through gallery exhibits, public collections and the broad world of art licensing. 


"The very first time I saw Ann's work, I was immediately excited. Ann's work speaks to me personally, and evokes an emotional response within me. I love her use of color, and the insinuated sense of movement in her paintings. They remind me of mid- century modern abstract works, of which I am very fond. I can imagine Ann's pieces in a house designed by Eichler, surrounded with furniture by Saarinen, and Pearsall. Having her show with us at our monthly exhibitions has been a true delight, as they are few abstract artists in St. Louis at this time. I look forward to seeing what Ann creates in the future, as I know they will be amazing!"

Alex Johnmeyer Curator & Volunteer Coordinator